Monday, May 6, 2013

When We Raise Our Voices..

Good can result!  Here are two examples.

Last year in Reno Nevada, a rogue judge was on the verge of ordering an abortion for a mentally-disabled woman.  Neither the woman nor her family wanted that abortion to happen.  No matter, that judge was bound and determined that the abortion and subsequent sterilization were going to happen.  My!  How quickly they jettison the "her-body-her-choice" schtick when it doesn't suit their murderous purposes, but I digress!  Well, enough of us shed the light on this murderous plot and made our displeasure known.  Our hue and cry gave the judge some "cause for pause".  On May 2, the little girl was born.  See the LifesiteNews article for her picture.  An adoptive family has been found for the baby.

Many have been following the saga of the military brass's campaign to stifle Christianity within the armed forces.  Again, under the withering gaze of the public, the military has backed down - for now.  This is a matter that will require our constant attention.  Remember that light scares away the cockroaches and that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

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