Monday, May 13, 2013

Gosnell Declared Guilty

Today the jury found Kermit Gosnell guilty on three counts of first-degree murder (of three of the babies whose spinal cords he severed) and one involuntary manslaughter of a mother.  He was also found guilty of performing twenty-one illegal abortions and over two hundred counts of violating informed-consent provisions.

Operation Rescue, instrumental in forcing this sordid affair into national attention, has its account.   Jack McMahon, Gosnell's attorney, is blaming the media for the conviction - you know, the mainstream media who had to be shamed via tweetfest into paying attention to this mass-murderer.  Why not try blaming the criminal for committing the crime?  What a novel idea that would be!  But McMahon wasn't finished spreading the blame around.  Apparently there's something called a "baby-factor" that caused Kermit's conviction.  Baby-factor!  That's a new one!  In other words, we blame the babies for being, well, babies?

He is eligible for the death penalty.  On May 21 the jury will determine the sentence.  At the very least, he'll have the rest of his life to ponder the mess he's made out of his life, safely kept away from any more babies.  For his sake, we pray that he repents lest he be condemned to far worse punishment when at last he must answer before God.

Oh, by the way - recall that Planned Parenthood coddles "post-birth" abortion!

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