Friday, May 31, 2013

Follow-Up To The May 29th Post Regarding Abortionist's Identity

A commenter posted that Iris Dominy's license and those of two other abortionists were suspended two days ago.  To view and download the suspension orders, go to and put in their last names.

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  1. The commenter who gave me the names of the other two abortionists misspelled one of the names. Mansour "Parrah" is really Mansour Panah. Anyway look him up. There are five - count them, 5 - actions taken against him (one of the pdfs released a suspension). Two of these are for sexual assault of patients.

    A person committing the murder of babies cannot help but become coarsened as a human being. Miracles have happened in the lives of some of them (Nathanson, Levitano, etc) but they have borne testimony of the brutalization that occurs when committing abortions.


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