Friday, May 24, 2013

Associates In OB/GYN Care - Suspended Again!

A little over two months ago I reported that a string of Maryland abortuaries had their licenses suspended after a number of slipshod practices were discovered - and a woman died in their Baltimore location.  It seems that shortly afterwards their licenses were reinstated.  That didn't last too long.

Today the abortuaries affiliated with Associates in OB/GYN Care had their licenses suspended again.  It seems that all four mills had been administering misoprostol to women past 11 weeks.   Moreover, they are allowing non-licensed staff to dispense the drug and perform sonograms.  Sounds rather "Gosnellian", does it not?

Yoo, hoo!  State of Maryland!  It's time to make these "suspensions" into permanent revocations!

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  1. Please watch this video after praying to St. Michael, CAUTION, THE CONTENT WILL SHOCK YOU.
    Please watch to the end and pass on.



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