Friday, April 9, 2010

Cardinal George's Incoherent Defense of Father Pfleger

Lifesite News captured the essense of the debacle that did occur on April 7th.  His Emminence displayed monumental silliness in his praise of Pfleger and his criticism of faithful Catholics for having memories greater than those of earthworms.  Among other things, he said "Fr. Plfeger has spoken in anger, sometimes unjustly or uncharitably; and anger is easier to capture on the camera than is love. But Fr. Pfleger is a Catholic priest and a pastor, and in that capacity, like all good priests and pastors, he acts out of love"  Love?   Oh, really?  In those clips that I posted a few days ago, how much "love" did Fr. Pfleger exude?  How much "love" did Pfleger show the owner of a Chicago gun shop owner when he threatened to "snuff out" the owner in June 2007?  Here's a clip of him defending Jeremiah Wright.  (An aside - You'll notice that Father Pfleger is not wearing clerics.)  Click "read more" to see them.

(Click here if you can't see embedded video)

Notice that he says that Jeremiah Wright is a patriot who loves this country.  Oh, really?  Let's all grab a glimpse of Wright's "patriotism"!  (Click here if you can't see embedded video)

Can't you just feel all that "love", that "patriotism", all those "good vibes"?  Neither can I.  If this is what Cardinal George calls "love", I wouldn't want to see what he calls "hatred".

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