Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Holy Father Appoints Replacement for Cardinal Mahoney

Let's welcome with joy and gratitude the news that Pope Benedict XVI has appointed a replacement for the rabidly-leftist Cardinal Mahoney.  Archbishop Jose Gomez, the coajuter bishop, will take over when Cardinal Mahoney reaches his 75th birthday, on February 27, 2011.  Read the Lifesite News account to get some sense of the contrast between the two men.

Among the bevy of insults to the Faith that occurred under Mahoney's watch was the so-called "Relgious Education Conference", that always featured dissidents of all stripes.  It might well have been dubbed "The Los Angeles SACRILEGIOUS Education Conference".  Below is a description, with clips of the one that ocurred this past March.

If it was an "education conference", Lord only knows what kind of slop comprised that "education".  The below shows the "closing liturgy".  The beginning, with the "liturgical dancers" (forbidden, by the way) seems to be performing some wiccan new-age incantation session, dancing about as they wave smoking incense bowls above their heads.  Then comes the "procession".  Since when are deacons ever accompanied by their wives?  One of the deacons (no spouse!) carries in the lectionary - holding it above his head and twirling about as he does so.

Now below is the Canon.  Never have I heard this particular language used in the Canon.  What is meant by "gather people of every race, language and way of life.."  Forgive my ignorance, but aren't some "ways of life" sinful?  I hear no clarification of that phrase.  We're sure you have noticed by now the unacceptable vessels used to contain the Consecrated Hosts and the Precious Blood.

If you right-click on one of the videos to watch it on youtube, you can see the entire 12-clip series.  Clips 11 and 12 are the closing.  Why does it take 2 10-minute clips?  Because the mistress of ceremonies producing this thing saw it necessary to try to "give credit" to all their workers - by name - and to call for applause and cheers.  Mind you, this is being done  before the dismissal - that is, during Mass!  Then the presiding bishop chimes in with a few of his own.  Then the bishop closes the Mass, the liturgical dancers start boogying in the aisles to murachi music

My friends at Orate Fratres did a report on it.  Please read it.  Please pray that this is the last debacle of its kind that will disgrace Los Angeles.  Moreover, let's pray for Archbishop Gomez, as he will have a herculean task before him as he attempts to clean the chancery of all the left-wing, pro-abort, ACORN-loving bureaucrats that will lurk in the hallways after Mahoney's departure.

Deo gratias!


  1. Wow, what a show - African music, with no Africans in sight. Then comes the Saturday Night Live music....

  2. Clips 11 and 12....a Variety Show just like my dad used to watch back in the 70's. OK, a little "Star Search" super-dancing too that they just couldn't match back then.

    Man, I hated my youth! Wished TV was never invented.


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