Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dangerous Nature of Progressives

As you listen to this Real Catholic TV segment on progressives and their nature as social terrorists, think of today's previous posts on NARAL, Fr Pfleger, the mass media and yes, the Messiah Most Miserable.

As I've said on a number of occasions, I'm in front of a Planned Parenthood every Saturday to pray and sidewalk counsel.  Several good people are also out there.  Opposing us are "clinic escorts"; many of these are young college-aged women.  Every now and then we see a young girl being coerced into the abortuary, terrified and frightened.  She is obviously being coerced by the people dragging here there (boyfriend, parents).  Afterwards we remonstrate with the deathscorts, asking them how they can call themselves "pro-choice" in the face of what they just saw.  We usually see stony-faced stares.  That's the nature of what they're doing.  Some might say, "they mean well".  Whether they "mean well" or not is irrelevant.  They are doing evil, and that is what counts.  It's in the "pro-choice" nature.

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