Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fr. Fessio on the New York Times Scam-Slander Against the Pope

I do urge you to read what Fr. Fessio has to say in its entirety.  I point out a few of the key concepts that stood out to me as being key.  He rightly describes as slander what the Times et al are doing.  Then he points out some similarities between slander and the sexual abuse: "I'm sure many will disagree with such a harsh assessment, but perhaps they need to contemplate more seriously the parallels between molestation and slander, parallels that are real enough regardless of differences in degree and kind. (Most of us, I think, would rather be slandered than sexually violated. I am not at all making light of rape, molestation, or abuse, which are despicable and vile sins.) Both sexual molestation and public slander are violations of a person's dignity and innocence. Both isolate the victim from good and healthy relationships. Both destroy or seriously harm a person's ability to function properly, to live a full life." 

Then he states succinctly what the Times is attempting: "Here we have a complete rewriting of history. Earlier in this decade, American newspapers exposed the sad truth that many American bishops had kept pedophile priests in active ministry. Now the Times, which played an active role in exposing that scandal, would have us believe that the American bishops were striving to rid the priesthood of the predators, and the Vatican resisted!"   Again, I urge you to read the whole thing.

Now can we say out loud, "New York Times!  Give it up already!  The gig is over!  You have been exposed for the anti-Catholic bigots that you are!  No wonder your subscriptions are in a steady state of decline!"

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