Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Former Planned Parenthood Director Testifies to Effectiveness of Pro-Life Presence

A year or so ago, Abby Johnson, a director of a Planned Parenthood facility in Texas, left the abortuary trade and is now a committed pro-life activist.  Listen as she testifies to the power of the physcial presence of pro-life Christians.  She also takes note of the importance of clergy in front of the mills.

She gives valuable insight to some of the thinking of the abortion workers - and our potential for reaching them.  Again, I point out the importance of your physical presence in front of the death centers.  I certainly do advocate more prayer in Church - but such prayer cannot be taken on as a substitute for getting yourselves in front of the mills.  God is not pleased by that kind of sanctimoneous cop-out.  If it makes us uncomfortable, well so what?  We're not called to be comfortable, but to take up our crosses.

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