Saturday, April 10, 2010

Now That the Left Wing Thinks "Health Care" Is a Done Deal...

The left-wingers at the USCCB and their satellites have a decision: will they focus on immigration or environmentalism?  They seem to have their feelers out at the moment, seeing which avenue of intrusion into our lives will arouse the least opposition.  At least that's my take.

The Feds have been sending out similar feelers (what a coincidence!).  It looks like the EPA is offering "Energy Star for Congregations".   That's right!  The Federal Nannies are now going to tell our churches how to "cut energy costs by 30%".  Of course the churches will be expected to follow the EPA "recommendations" for facility upgrades, maintenance, etc.  Now wait a minute!  Isn't there something in the Constitution about "separation of church and state"?  Or does that only apply when we bring our Christian principles to bear on our political and election decisions, principles such as "it's against God's law to participate in the slaughter of unborn babies vis-a-vis abortion"?  Otherwise, it's just fine and dandy for the Governmental Nannies to slither their tentacles into each and every area of our lives - including our worship of God?

For examples of "tentacles", look at the goodies "offered" to the congregations: how-to guides, building upgrade manuals, ya-da-ya-da.  It sounds all helpful and benign now, doesn't it?  Wanna bet that things will rachet up a bit soon?  Unfortunately, too many USCCB "progressive" types will immediately glom onto this, and we'll soon be having "seminars" and "conferences" on this junk.  Look for something similar to this, and/or "immigration rights" to dominate the various "social justice" outlets.  Who cares about minor matters such as the eternal salvation of souls?

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