Friday, April 23, 2010

"Cathlyc" Perspective on Nuclear Weapons

The Institute for Policy Research and Catholic Studies will have a panel symposium to discuss the "ethics of Obama's nuclear weapons policy".  It will occur this Monday April 26 at Catholic University.  We could save them lots of time and money be advising them that putting "Obama" and "ethics" in the same sentence is an oxymoron and that there would be nothing worthwhile to discuss.  However, progressives always like to look serious and studious and important, as they distribute their white papers and talk on and on.  How do we know they're progressives?  Did you notice the Pax Christi and Global Zero people in the line-up?

Anyway, they'll talk, and talk, and talk.  Perhaps they'll come up with a paper to present to the Messiah Most Miserable.  It will be full of convoluted prose, with all sorts of language both flowery and technical.  May I be so bold as to propose what I think the gist of this hypothetical statement might be?  Now it may sound simplistic, but I think that will be more than compensated by accuracy.  Here goes.

The statement of the symposium participants: (my guess, now!)
" Mr. President, we'd like to start by thanking you for passing your health bill.  And don't worry about those right-wing nutcases; abortion isn't so important after all!  That being said, sir, we ask you to get rid of all those nasty bombs.  They're really loud and icky and..and mean-spirited!  We don't mind if we have to lie on our backs while the world's tyrants put their feet on our throats, for we are gentle souls - meek, mild doormats, one and all!  Thank you, Mr. President, for helping in our quest for change we can believe in!"

Perhaps the Messianic reply might proceed as follows: "Thank you for your heartfelt grovelling before my feet!  I hear you, and I will gladly condescend to your request.  I promise you and the world that we will disarm; I will make that point on my next Apology Tour!"

Now - once again - the dialog above is purely hypothetical.  At least, I hope it is.  I hope that there is no way that this predicts reality.  However, such is my fear.  Moreover, symposium-jokes such as the one that will occur this Monday, will give Obama the perfect "faith-based" cloak for his dirty work, in much the same way as Sister Carol Keehan and her cabal did for the Hell Bill.

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