Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ready for a Game of Bingo?

Boys and girls, we can't be serious all the time!  So what do we, as Catholics, tend to favor for recreation, especially in our parish halls?  Bingo, right?  Well, here's bingo with a very relevant, modern twist!

What we have here (overlooking that profanity) is the Messiah Most Miserable's contribution to Catholic recreation.  We also have here the gist of every speech that issued forth from the Teleprompter of the United States.  This bingo can be played in the time-honored traditional manner.  But may I suggest an innovative way to enjoy this special bingo?

As I said, what we have here is the gist of the Obama speeches; these slogans comprise the large parts of his talks.  So here's how it goes.  Everyone gets their own bingo sheet.  Then they cut their sheets into the little squares containing the slogans.  Put them in a jar.  Then, pull out the squares, one by one, and put them on the table in the same random order in which you removed them from the jar.  Write them down, or photograph them, again keeping that order.  Everyone send those lists or photographs to the White Hose, explaining that these are your suggestions for Obama's next talk.  They'll be ever so grateful, since the liberal wonks obviously have to strain to write anything halfway intelligent.  By the way - this would be a great project for these "civilian service group" quasi-brown shirts that the libs want to make of our school children now, wouldn't it?

Isn't bingo fun?

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