Friday, April 9, 2010

Kudos for Two Bishops!

It's uplifting to read of bishops who are acting in accord with their office and charism, so I'm pleased to pass on the following.

From Billings, Montana, we hear that Bishop Michael Warfel of Great Falls/Billings has ejected the pro-gay Always Our Children from the parish hall of St Pius on April 6.  Read more details at Lifesite News.

From Providence, Rhode Island, we hear that Bishop Thomas Tobin has severed ties between St. Joseph Health Service, the diocesan hospital, and the Catholic Health Association.  Read here for excerpts of his letter to Sr Carol Keehan.

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  1. The Washington chapter of 'Always Our Children' meets at Saint Matthew's Cathedral and is listed as an official 'ministry' of the cathedral parish. This is a real, painful scandal among priests who are trying to uphold the Church's moral teachings. It endangers the souls of people with same-sex-attraction who are struggling to be chaste.


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