Friday, April 16, 2010

Alec Baldwin's Hero!

Remember when Alec Baldwin railed against his 12-year old daughter in this rant?

Baldwin is one of several Holly-weird types who declared that he'd leave the country of George W Bush won the election.  I am one of many who wish that Baldwin would have been true to his word - but, I digress!

Having now received a glimpse into Baldwin's mentality of this man, you will not be at all surprised to learn the identity of a man whom Baldwin praised in a documentary - (drum roll, please!) 

Saul Alinsky! 

I would urge one and all to procure a copy of "Rules for Radicals" to see the morality (or lack thereof) espoused by Alinsky.  In it, you'll see all sorts of "ends-justify-means" type of thinking.  Also remember that Alinsky inspired all sorts of Chicago-type thuggery: Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, Rezko, Emmanuel, the list goes on and on.. 

Unfortunately that list includes a great many who walk the hallways of the USCCB, and who still continue to collect Catholic dollars vis-a-vis the Catholic Campaign for Human Development.


  1. Alec Baldwin is probably one of the most honest men I see in the spotlight today. He says what he feels, and owns what he does. If you LISTEN to that call to his daughter, and do not hear the pain and frustration in his voice, you are not listening. It doesn't take a genius to know that the message was not for her but for the mother. Right or wrong, it's old news, and since I don't know him, I can only imagine that it does not reflect who he is as a human being or as a man or as a father or as a Catholic. Done anything you would not want put in cyber space? Move on. As for who he admires or respects, I assumed it has always been his right to choose. You do , I do and so does Mr. Baldwin.

  2. I listened. He said "I expect you to be at the phone". The "you" was the daughter, not the mother. Pain and frustration? Be that as it may, one does NOT vent their spleen at a 12-year old child, especially their own. Period. By the way - I understand that the daughter may well have saved his life back in February by getting him to the hospital after a pill incident. Despite the way she was treated, she seems to be a very decent young lady.

    I use that incident to point out the sorts of folks who gravitate towards Saul Alinsky, who was no great specimin of a human being. I've read his writings.

  3. I've read Alinsky as well. Whether I agree with you or not, or him or not, how does using Alec Baldwin further your argument against Alinsky? If your focus was Alinsky, might be better to just say I don't like Alinsky and here's why.

    I agree with one thing, it's never right to vent on a 12 year old. Whether your own or not. A lesson learned all around, don't you think?

    I don't know about the pill incident, only what I read, and half of what I read anywhere is suspect. It's just one person's view. But I can't imagine Mr. Baldwin calling reporters at that time to come and get pictures, can you?

    I am interested in all points of view on any subject, because only then can I get the information needed to make up my own mind.

  4. Baldwin seems to use his fame and power to help the little guy...God bless him for that. As far as the old news with the phone call...we all have said cruel things to people we care deeply about and want to take back...He's human.
    Alec, love your passion for right and wrong...never stop.

  5. Baldwin seems to have his heart in the right place...Help out the little guy....the man or woman being screwed by the system...God bless him...As far as the old news with the phone call, we all have said nasty things to our loved ones...and wanted the words back as soon as they left our lips...He's human and passionate...Good for him.

  6. Ladies and gentlemen, there is nothing whatsoever that is inherently "human" about screaming at your own child. That's not "human", but "immature lout". Contrary to popular opinion these days, it is no virtue to let every feeling one has to hang out; there is a concept (perhaps out of vogue these days) called "self-control".

    At any rate, I brought him up to illustrate the lack of thinking that goes behind idolizing a man such as Saul Alinsky - a man who helped unleash Obama upon us all.

  7. In the first place a real father would never use that kind of language on his daughter no matter what she may have done . What is he chewing her out about?

    God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
    Kenneth M. Fisher, Founder & Chairman
    Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.


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