Friday, April 30, 2010

Cleansing in Miami

Following up on the post below, I link to an excellent analysis of the resignation of Archbishop John Favalora from leadership of the Archdiocese of Miami.  It seems that this man was presiding over a network of priests who were actively living as gays - sodomites.  A number of good lay people and clergy worked long and hard, and suffered much to expose this sinful cartel.  At long last their prayers were answered and their labors bore fruit.

This gives me much hope that indeed there is a paradigm shift towards reverence.  If it can happen there, why not anywhere?  In fact, I daresay that the remaining gay-sheltering bishops are asking themselves that question.  I pray that they follow Favalora's footsteps, and that all these men use their retirement years to ponder their eternal destinies and pray and make reparation.

I'll also be so bold as to say that this is most likely that the New York Times automatons are gnashing their teeth at the Holy Father and all loyal to this Chief Shepherd.

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