Monday, April 19, 2010

St Francis' Name is Taken in Vain!

I received, via email today, my invitation from the Archdiocese of Washington to Celebrate Earth Day 2010!  How do they suggest that we celebrate this most solemnly festive of days (April 22nd, I believe)?  "By sinking your roots deep into the fertile soil of Catholic teaching on creation, the envioronment and peace."

So Catholic teaching is compared to soil?  That's an insult to the Magisterium.  At best, true Catholic teaching is being badly distorted, particularly by the Catholic Coalition on Climate Change, about which I wrote on February 20.  Again, take a look at that organization's website, and don't take that first question too seriously.  They should be ashamed of themselves for such a shoddy attempt at guilt-trip inducement.  Anyway, click on the "St Francis Pledge" to see the lack of balance and outright errors contained therein.  St Francis must be spinning in his tomb.  Notice the first point, how "God's creation" is placed before the poor and vulnerable.  Then we hear about "the moral dimensions to climate change".  Ladies and gentlemen, this blog, and others, have demonstrated that at most, "climate change" is very debatable.  Good people can disagree about its very existence.  I for one believe it to be a hoax that is protected and promulgated by the politically-correct progressives that infest both civil government and some of the American church hierarchy.  In short, this so-called pledge is based on junk science.

As far as defending the poor and vulnerable, I'd suggest that in lieu of this politically-correct gobblygoop called Earth Day, that something truly helpful be done.  Most of us live near abortion clinics, where hundreds of the poor and vulnerable are murdered every day.  Find out when the murders occur at your local mill, then go there to pray and offer life-saving assistance.  Click on some of the pro-life links at the right for assistance in so doing.

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