Friday, April 9, 2010

Mikulski Spins Yarn About the Hell Bill - But There's Hope!

So what else is new?  Why do I bother to comment on her blather?  Because, ladies and gentlemen of Maryland, her seat is up for grabs this November!  Bear all this in mind as you read these excerpts from her on-line newsletter.  So here goes, and I quote:

"I voted for health care reform because I listened to Marylanders as they told me their stories. People told me about the situation of their lives at roundtables and hearings, at diners and grocery stores. Thousands more wrote to me and called. They shared with me their fear of one big health care incident leading them into bankruptcy.  I heard from people like Karen from Kensington, whose father had to quit his job because he suffered from Crohn's Disease. When he was two pennies short on his insurance payment, he lost his coverage. During the six months it took to reinstate his insurance, his health deteriorated. He died a year after his insurance was cancelled. He was just 59 years old when he passed away."

Now that we have all sobbed our eyes out and exhausted our Kleenex stock, let's take another look at this tale of woe.  What's really pathetic here is that this staffer (What?  Did you really think Babs took the time to write this crap?) can't even tell a lie that's halfway believable!  Think - this hypothetical man lost his insurance because "he was two pennies short"?  Obviously this yarn-spinner (paid by "our tax dollars at work"!) has never worked a job in the real world.  No one cancels anything because of two red pennies.  It's not cost-effective to do so.  Premiums are paid in advance.  So are we really to believe that because of a shortage that's not even a nickel, the insurance company would have forfeited the rest of that premium, which would have been several hundred dollars?  Click "read more" to continue - and to see the hope!

As far as this business goes about "listening to Marylanders", I don't recall hearing of any Town Hall Meetings that she may have hosted.  If I err, please advise via comments.  Senator Cardin voted exactly as Mikulski did; however, he had the decency to hear it from many concerned Marylanders who did not want the bill.  He may not have been paying too much attention, but at least he showed us that perfunctory courtesy.  Babs couldn't be bothered to do even that, to listen to us - the Great Unwashed.

Moving right along, we now see Bab's ghost writer touting the "benefits to women".  The newsletter says, and I quote,

"This bill also ends the punitive practices of insurance companies by making sure that no American will ever be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.  This is a very big deal for women. I am particularly proud of the role that I have played in changing the way that insurance companies treat women. For far too long, they have treated simply being a woman as a pre-existing condition. They used every trick in the book to deny women coverage. In seven states and the District of Columbia, being a victim of domestic violence was considered a pre-existing condition. Women were denied coverage because a medically-mandated c-section was considered a pre-existing condition.  That's why when they tried to take our mammograms away, I said, "No!" I introduced an amendment that guarantees women who enroll in new health care plans coverage of preventive care such as mammograms, pap tests and heart disease screenings with no co-pays or deductibles."

You might be wondering why I bolded the words "preventative care".  On December 3rd, the Senate voted to approve Bab's amendment to the bill, that is, Amendment 2791.  The long and short of this is that the door is wide open to defining abortion as "preventative care".   That would be the decision of the Secretary of HHS - who happens to be Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas and crony of the now-belated George Tiller, aka, "Tiller the Killer".  Isn't it just amazing how this ghost-writer omits that teensy little detail? 
Bad little ghost-writer!  Naughty!  You've been caught!

Don't you think it's high time that Babs retires?  Well, just now, I have come across a blog that bears a happy rumor (the "hope" to which I referred in this post's title).  Mikulski may make a most welcome announcement any day now!  Oh, by the way, when she finally leaves office, she will still carry her cadillac-health plan with her, as Congress is exempted from the morass that they've inflicted on the rest of us mere peasants, the citizens.  We, however, are citizens of the United States.  This November, let's give her the pink slip she so richly deserves, if she doesn't retire of her own volition.

I know there are several candidates that have declared.  I have my eye on Jim Rutledge, who's running in the Republican primary.  His website is


  1. I promised her if she voted for this thing I would be walking door to door to get her out of office. And I will be.

  2. I've got my eye on Carmen Amedori, she is the only one with a strong conservative voting record and has been a MD Delegate, and on the MD Parole Board.

  3. A little aside to anonymous' comment. The Amedori link is not clickable in the comment section. Just copy and paste it to your browser.


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