Thursday, April 29, 2010

Faithful Catholics = Niggers of the New Age

It really doesn't take too much thought to see how I derived that new title for those of us who hold to the True Faith.  You see, we are what the aging flower children call the "New Age" (postmodernism), where everything and everyone is tolerated - except for - (you guessed it!) Catholicism and all who adhere to it (actually, you can toss in there others who hold to traditional Judeo-Christian values, too).  We are continually mocked in the mass media and we even have localities (San Francisco) passing resolutions condemning our teachings.  The reason is not surprising.  It is because they are God's truth, and as such are not subject to man's approval.  Moreover, they reveal to be the sexual licentiousness of today to be mortally sinful.  With their consciences stung, the progressives and all their little lapdogs nip at our heels.

Pope Benedict XVI has been a favorite target of the "cultural elite".

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