Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Shrine for Chappaquiddick Teddy?

That's what I see bandied about in last week's Boston Herald!  The "Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate" is already slated to receive $38.3 million of our tax dollars!  Now John Kerry and Edward Markey have stuck out their hands for $30 million more! 

Excuse me, but aren't we already spending ourselves into an insurmountable debt in the trillions?  But don't worry!  They want to draw $29 million from (wait for it!) the defense budget.  That's the one area that rightly deserves funding, and the one area that the Messiah Most Miserable seeks to dry up.  Isn't that a coincidence!

What has Ted Kennedy done for us?  He has inspired the Hell Bill that will trash health care in every way while forcing us to subsidize abortion and euthanasia.  He was "pro-life" until 1971 when he put politics before his Catholic faith and always voted for the murder of babies and for the trashing of the traditional family.  He was also a flagrant womanizer, and had been known to abuse alcohol, both of these being factors in the death of at least one woman (how he earned the nickname "Chappaquiddick Teddy"). Of course, while doing all this, he thumbed his nose at his own Catholic tradition.  His bishops were of no help to him, as they continued to cooperate materially and formally with his reception of sacriligeious Holy Communion - but that's its own rant.  And for all this the United States should strap itself for $68 million?

Let us hope and pray that this does not go through, and not only for the abysmal waste.  For should it go through, and this idolotry ediface is completed, I cringe to think of all the Catholic prelates who will go to shame themselves at the thing's ribbon-cutting ceremoney.

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