Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Abortionist In Baltimore Fatality Identified

This past week we've been reading of the 75% of Maryland abortuaries that are not measuring up to the standards that were enacted last summer.  Four of these, affiliated with Associates in OB/GYN Care, had their licenses suspended for the second time.  The abysmal conditions in the Baltimore mill were a factor in the death of a woman.

Operation Rescue has learned the identity of the abortionist who did the procedure on the woman who subsequently died.  The abortionist's name is Iris E Dominy.  Please read the OR report for a description of her misconduct.  The first link contains a link to the Maryland Department of Health website.  That in turn contains the reports for the various mills in pdf form.  I believe you'll see an account of the death in that mill's pdf.

I looked up her license.  She has no disciplinary actions on her record - at this time.  Her primary place seems to be the mill on Georgia Avenue; that mill's license has been suspended.  She has another Montgomery County location on Falls Road in Potomac.  She's also listed on Darnestown Road in Gaithersburg and Fernwood Road in Bethesda.  I've no way of telling if these listings are current, but am certainly displeased that she seems to spend the bulk of her time in my neck of the woods.


  1. Maybe the doctor didn't have a record for misconduct as people can die under any medical procedure like an appendectomy. Its a tragedy a lady die getting an abortion, but that does not make it wrong.

    1. Abortion is wrong; it is the murder of babies. Those who actually take the babies' lives become more and more calloused as they continue to snuff out the lives of little people. As they disregard the babies, they come to disregard the lives of the mothers. We've seen it with Gosnell, Carhart and now Iris Dominy. Read the facts; Dominy left a sedated woman under the watch of an untrained worker. She abandoned her patient - who subsequently died.

      Abortion is not at all similar to an appendectomy. Abortion is meant to end the life of a baby. It is never necessary. An appendectomy, on the other hand, is the removal of a diseased organ. We can surmise, moreover, that no one sedated during an appendectomy is ever left in the care of an unskilled worker.

    2. So what is your take on the recent case of the lady in El-Salvador who has been denied a life saving abortion. And the doctors are almost 100% sure that the baby will die, never mind the mother who they are very concerned about.

      Also this is due to church influence, so don't blame anyone but the church.

    3. Your statement contains two oxymorons. First, there is no such thing as a "life-saving abortion"; during an abortion, at least one person dies and often enough, two people die. The baby is murdered - pure and simple. One may never attempt to "do good" by doing an act inherently evil. Period.

      Second oxymoron: "almost 100% sure". Either it's "almost" or "100%". Truth is we're never sure in situations like that. Why? Because we are not God. We work to save the lives of both. We never opt for one by murdering another. How cavalier and yes, cruel, we become when we think we can play God by deciding that we can murder the most innocent among us.

    4. Ok, so the god escape clause is to let the case proceed i.e. not give the abortion. And if both die, which is almost certainly going to be the case. Then we just say its gods will and wash our hands of the blood that is really on our hands. At least I understand your position. In some cases people would call that murder.

      As for almost 100%, I say that as the bay has a chance to survive even though it will most probably not live long or live with severe mental problems/deformities.

    5. "God escape clause"? Take a look at your last sentence. It sounds like something the Emperor Caligula would have said; he fancied himself to be a god. The fact is that those who don't acknowledge the reality of the One True God will worship some false idol, even if that idol stares back at them from the mirror.

    6. The God escape clause is what I say when people are not willing to make a decision based on their faith. It means if someone then dies, they can just say its god choice. When actually all that was needed was someone standing up and saying hey lets not be ignorant, lets save someones life.

  2. Iris Dominy's medical license was summarily suspended (that means suspended immediately) on May 29 by the Maryland Board of Physicians. The licenses of two other abortionists at the abortion mill on North Calvert St. in Baltimore where the woman died on Feb. 13 also were summarily suspended on May 29. Their names are Mansour G. Parrah and Michael A. Basco. All three will have hearings before the Md. Board of Physicians on June 12.

    Go to the Maryland Board of Physicians website and click on "Disciplinary Actions" to see the Board's Orders. The Order for Parrah is especially interesting; seems he had his license suspended in 1988 and again in 1995 for sexual misconduct with patients. In 2011 he was placed on probation for two years.
    Diane Levero

  3. As Carol Everett has said, "you can't deal with death and lies on a daily basis and not have it affect you." May God forgive them.


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