Saturday, February 2, 2013

California Cleansing

On February 1 it was announced that Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez has informed his predecessor, retired Cardinal Roger Mahony, that he has been relieved of any duties within the archdioceses.  Furthermore, he has accepted the resignation of Auxiliary Bishop Thomas Curry.  This comes on the heels of his release of the files of those archdiocesan personnel accused of sexual abuse of minors.

In the wake of the archbishop's actions, the cardinal has posted his response to him.  As you read the letter, you will probably sense the petulance and sniveling therein.  The letter starts with the ridiculous excuse that "nothing in my education equipped me to deal with this grave problem".  What of basic decency or common sense?  Moreover, there was the grace of the Sacrament of Holy Orders itself.  There's the equipment.

Let us pray that some sense of repentance and of the dignity of the office of bishop be infused into Cardinal Mahony for the sake of his own immortal soul.  From the sound of his response, both are sorely lacking at this time.  Let us also pray that other dioceses in this nation experience similar expurgations.

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  1. Rome must act now! Mahony must be summoned for canonical trial and stripped of membership in the College of Cardinals. Do Catholics really want this man to be eligible to vote on Benedict's successor?


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