Friday, February 15, 2013

Germantown Abortuary - Tax Deadbeats Too??

Well, we've seen how sloppy they are with their trash, what with all the patient data and bio-hazards that they just tossed into the dumpsters.  It just goes along with shoddy medical practices and even shoddier moral conduct.

Thanks to Jill Stanek's blog and Operation Rescue, we now see that their tax and legal filings are slip-shod as well.  Apparently they haven't filed their Maryland Personal Property Return (with the $300 fee) that was due last April.  Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Inc. (corp id# D-03146156) is NOT in good standing at this time.

The Department of Assessments and Taxation is not the only authority who does not hold them "in good standing".  Todd Stave, Nancy Stave Samuels and Leroy Carhart need to repent and leave the baby-murder business, for the Supreme Authority is watching.

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