Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MD Medical Examiner: Morbelli Died From Abortion Complications

The office Chief Medical Examiner of Maryland has released its findings regarding the death of Jennifer Morbelli on Feb 7 at the hands of Leroy Carhart.  From Operation Rescue we read that there were two causes of death:
  1. amniotic fluid embolism - Amniotic fluid that was surrounding the pre-born Madison entered Jennifer's blood stream.  This inhibited the ability to clot blood, leaving her vulnerable to hemorrhaging. 
  2. the profuse abdominal bleeding
She and her family most likely received Carhart's standard instructions not to consult an emergency room but rather to call his "24 hour number".  Well, it turns out that this "24-hour number" was the number to Carhart's horse show equipment business.  The family was unable to contact him; was the line engage with horse hay buyers?

While this death was ruled "natural", charges of malpractice against Carhart are most definitely not precluded.  The Montgomery County Police have opened an investigation and are awaiting the full autopsy to proceed.

Please go to the site "Pray for Germantown" to learn some action steps that we should all take to have this menace known as Leroy Carhart evicted from Maryland.

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