Saturday, February 23, 2013

Warning! Guns Are Mentioned In This Post!

Tim Hawkins is a Christian comedian who does song parodies as part of his act.  He's fun to listen to when I can use a laugh.

Some progressives are (shall we say) "humor-challenged".  That often goes hand in hand with lack of common sense.  We've seen several examples of that in public schools (two of them in Maryland), with little children being treated as felons for pointing their fingers as guns, etc.

Therefore, I would suggest that any readers who are reading this in a public school on their smart phones NOT play this video within earshot of a school official.  If they hear the words of this song, you could find yourself hauled off to a gulag by the SWAT team that will be called, because the words "gun" and "shoot" are mentioned.  Watch it another time.

Otherwise, enjoy!

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