Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dare Not To Be Liked

We all have the desire to be liked.  However, that desire (as all others) must be tempered and brought into God's order.  This desire is particularly dangerous if unchecked, for it can lead one into doing that which he knows he/she shouldn't - or - it can impel one to refrain from a good action if he/she thinks it will cause disapproval of others.  In this current God-hating culture that is our society, we simply cannot coddle this all-too-human and all-too-fallen desire of ours.

Today's Vortex talks of our need to conquer this desire if we are to lead authentic Catholic lives.  I agree with him as he says that we must not be afraid to contradict rebellious voices around us - even if they come from our chanceries.  I'd only add that we need to be more bold and consistent about being a voice for the unborn.  How to do so?  Get out to an abortion mill in your area.  Pray the Rosary.  Offer alternatives to abortion-bound women.  On Ash Wednesday (a week from tomorrow) the lenten cycle of 40 Days for Life will start in many localities.  Click on the link above to find one near you and be faithful to it during Lent.  After Lent is done, continue your witness.

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