Saturday, February 16, 2013

Carhart Situation - The Washington Post Is Concerned

Yes, indeed!  The Washington Post is concerned (VERY concerned, I tell you!) about the news relating to the botched abortion committed by Leroy Carhart in Germantown MD last week.  However, lest you think that the Washington Post, bastion of all pro-abortion proponents, is finally regaining a conscience, think again lest you be disappointed.  They're concerned, all right - but they're concerned that Carhart's despicable behavior is seeing the light of day and not being swept under the rug.

The columnist is Petula Dvorak.  Her perspective is clear.  You'll note how she refers to Madison as a "wanted baby".  As she progresses with the story and relates the discovery of Madison's problems, we see that "baby" becomes "pregnancy", as in "terminate the pregnancy".  We see how trusting she is of the various Maryland authorities:  you know, the authorities that 1) licensed the Germantown facility without even conducting an inspection and 2) awarded Carhart his Maryland medical license even though they also acknowledged the gross inaccuracies in the license application.  I am not so trusting.

The Washington Post is very concerned about HIPAA.  I'd like to see similar outrage expressed towards the Carhart clinic personnel who dumped confidential clinic information (along with biohazards) in an ordinary dumpster.  Now there's a HIPAA violation if ever there was one!  Let Dvorak wax indignant about that one, if she's so concerned about "privacy".  But I suspect we'll hear crickets, for the goal is about shutting us up and nothing else.

(ht - LifeSite News)

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  1. I saw in an issue of "Washingtonian" magazine that Ms. Dvorak was voted least liked columnist.


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