Saturday, February 23, 2013

Homoideology And Homoheresy

These are terms coined by Polish priest Father Dariusz Oko in his report on the extent of the homosexual infiltration of the Church - even inside the Vatican.  He also uses the term "homomafia".  These are rather accurate terms.

We have long suspected this problem existed, and this report comes as no surprise to me as it describes things that I've personally seen.  Take the refusal to acknowledge the fact that the abuse of boys by clergy is obviously homosexual in nature.  When this crisis broke into national news, the Archdiocese of Washington tried to do some damage control.  They decided to have a panel of "experts" go into various parishes to "explain" the matter to parishioners.  The first one happened at St Raphael's in Rockville.  They tried to tell us that pedophilia targets both boys and girls in the general population.  We pointed out that our focus was not "the general population" but the Roman Catholic clerical abusers whose victims were 90% pubescent boys.  That and other reminders of pesky facts was not appreciated; I could see it in their eyes.  Guess what?  That "first panel" was also the "last panel".  We never heard a peep from them again.

Just last year we saw a dramatic manifestation of the gay problem within the Archdiocese of Washington - and at St John Neumann Church in particular.  I blogged extensively about Father Marcel Guarnizo who was then stationed at St Joh Neumann.  He denied Holy Communion to a flagrantly practicing lesbian.  Without so much as even interviewing Father Guarnizo, Bishop Barry Knestout handed to Father the papers that informed him that he was no longer to function as a priest within the Archdiocese of Washington.  Father Guarnizo is incardinated within the Archdiocese of Moscow.  Had he been incardinated here, I strongly suspect his faculties would have been suspended altogether.  Now we all know how long it can take to get things done within the chancery, don't we?  Didn't this maltreatment of Father Guarnizo happen lickety-split? I've no doubt that the homomafia within the Church was ten-thousand-percent behind the Archdiocese of Washington's despicable maltreatment of the good priest Father Guarnizo.  If anyone thinks me incorrect, I defy you to provide cogent reasons why!

Yesterday's LifeSite News features an article that ties together the various events that have erupted over the past few days, including the Vatileaks situation.  It also has a link to the report by Father Oko.  It is a downloadable pdf; I do suggest that you download it to your own computers.  Also take the time to read the "related articles" linked at the bottom.  I'll post the Vortex video below.

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  1. The infiltration of homosexual clergy during the 60s and 70s has come to fruition, and finally we will have a light shone on the situation. JP II routed this problem and brought it to the attention of all of us.
    PB XVI's job was to get these guys out, which he did. This next Pope will have a much more difficult job-he will have to address the ones who are left and who have enmassed tremendous power. I can see satan sharpening his fangs, and St. Micahel, his sword. Let the war begin....


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