Saturday, February 2, 2013

HHS Religious Exemptions - Abysmal Jokes

Yesterday the Messiah Most Miserable decided to fling a few crumbs our way in regards to the onerous HHS mandates that forces each and every taxpayer to pay for contraceptives - that is, chemicals that murder tiny unborn children.  Well, not really!  (Hint - When these "announcements" are released on Fridays, caveat emptor!).

The crumbs, in all their dubious 80-page glory, can be found here.  You will notice one thing immediately on page 8 of the pdf; only churches, "integrated auxiliaries" and "exclusively religious activities of any religious order" are the recipients of the largess of Dear Leader.  That would mean that any religious order that does not engage exclusively in religious activities would be subject to the mandate; thus Catholic hospitals and religious orders with any kind of outreach are bound.  All other business entities, regardless of the beliefs of their owners, MUST fund the availability of drugs that kill preborn children.

This gesture on the part of Obama is simply that - a meaningless gesture, an empty ruse.  No wonder he waited until Friday to announce this tripe.  Most Catholic and conservative blogs see through this silly set of smoke and mirrors: Catholic World Report, American Life League, Catholic Vote,  EWTN, Susan B. Anthony List.

Of course the progressive infiltration weighed in, as well.  Read the Catholics United we read that "more women will have access to the health care that they need".   The author makes no bones about his support for contraceptives, placing himself at odds with Church teaching.  However, what else can be expected from Catholics United, whose director, James Salt, once worked with Sebelius' campaign office in Kansas?  Michael Sean Winters of the Not-So-Catholic Reporter gushes over this latest Obama slop as well.  He starts off his piece by stating that he's not a lawyer.  He forgot to add that the bishop of the diocese in which NCR operates has made plain that NCR is not qualified to call itself "Catholic".

Most baffling, though, is the reaction of the USCCB.  Perhaps "baffling" is a poor choice of words as they have always seemed eager to try to find ways to appease the tyrants of Washington; "disappointing" is actually a better word for this situation.  Basically they said nothing, citing a need for "study".  Really?  Let's assume that everything was just wonderful with these new regs in giving churches and church-related organizations carte-blanche exemptions.  Would that make the HHS mandate morally acceptable to the USCCB?  What about the small, for-profit businesses?  Would the USCCB be ok with them being forced to pay for baby-murder?  The statement by the Susan B. Anthony List was excellent and one that should be echoed by the USCCB.  Key segments are: "religious and moral freedom is not up for negotiation", "there must be no religious test by the government", "only complete repeal is acceptable".  This is not rocket science requiring copious amounts of study.  These exemptions are a sham, and the Catholic bishops of this country must grow backbones and call out this charade for what it is.


  1. I'm trying to understand why some of these people want to be Catholic.

  2. The USCCB is studying it, because it is negotiating w/the Obama admin on ITS OWN behalf to get a fig leaf that will allow it to continue to operate its billion dollar "Catholic" hospital, nursing home and "charity" complex:

    "Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C. is one who instead [of stating he would to go to jail] has stressed that the BISHOPS hope they can reach an agreement with the administration.

    LifeSiteNews asked the Cardinal about the mandate during a media availability before the Mass for Life at the Verizon Center on Jan. 25th, the day of the March for Life.

    “We are very hopeful that as time goes on and OUR CONFERENCE CONTINUES TO WORK with the administration, that something will allow us to continue to function as we always have, as a free entity freely exercising our ministry in our country,” he said.

    Pressed about what the bishops will do if the mandate goes forward, he said, “We take this one day at a time, and I'm hopeful that we're going to be able to resolve this.”"


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