Friday, February 22, 2013

Environmentalism Is Anti-Life

This blog (and others) features several key posts exposing the anti-life underpinnings of the environmentalist poison infecting much of modern thought these days.  Now we have the Sierra Club to thank for the latest pieces of evidence.

Last week they sponsored a rally in Washington to protest the Keystone Pipeline.  Human Life International and Americans for Limited Government have interviewed protesters who have called for population control.  One man voiced support for the implementation of China's "one-child" policy here.  That's nothing new for the pro-abortion crowd.  In 1989, Molly Yard, then president of NOW, called China's brutal policy "among  the most intelligent in the world".  So much for "pro-choice", but I digress.

Another Sierra devotee coined (or parroted) the term "earth patriotism".  And what does that mean, you ask?  Well, it means not having "excessive children", that is, not more than two.  As you watch this video, try not to be too under-whelmed with the (dearth of) intellectual depth of the environmentalists.  After all, these are the folks who voted for the Messiah Most Miserable (evidence at 1:31 to the left of the screen).

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