Sunday, February 10, 2013

Germantown Botched Abortion Casualty Identified

The full details, with relevant links, can be found on Jill Stanek's blog.

Her name is Jennifer McKenna Morbelli and she hailed from White Plains NY.  Her daughter's name (the intended victim of abortion) was Madison Leigh.  This baby was very much wanted, but apparently fetal anomalies were detected.  We do not yet know the nature of these anomalies.

Jill reports that sidewalk counselors verified the picture as being that of the deceased woman.  As she and her family reported to the abortuary throughout last week, sidewalk counselors repeatedly tried to warn her and her family of the dangers of this procedure and to offer them assistance.  Jennifer and her family rejected their advice - with a fair amount of hostility.  Of course that's a reaction with which I myself am all too familiar.  Sadly that rejection of pro-life advise proved to be Jennifer's undoing.

Her last name and the obituary to which Jill links both indicate that Jennifer was Catholic.  I understand that a Catholic priest was with her when she died.  I pray that she was able to make a good confession prior to her death.  If she was unable to confess, I presume Father gave her conditional absolution and I pray that she did have contrition for the sin that she undertook in taking Madison's life.

Let us also pray for repentance for Jennifer's family.  Many prayers are floating about for solace and consolation, but there can be no peace until they seek out God for that peace.  At the very least, they acquiesced to the plan to abort Madison.  I've seen enough of these situations to realize that perhaps they have driven the decision to abort.  It's unrealistic to pretend that they have no culpability whatsoever.  Only as they themselves seek His forgiveness in the Sacrament of Confession (to whatever degree is appropriate) will they find the solace and peace they need.

Finally let us pray that the Maryland Board of Physicians does its job (finally).  At the very least, they should suspend the license granted to the abortuary itself (just a day prior to the start of this incident) and Carhart's personal license (obtained with a falsified application).

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