Monday, February 4, 2013

Which Bishops Will Go To Jail

Rather than comply with the immoral HHS mandates?  Read the Lifesite News article here (pointed out by my anonymous commenter from Saturday's post).  While Bishops Sample, Aquila, Zubic and others stated their willingness to emulate their sainted predecessors, others demurred.

One of those who hemmed and hawed was DC's own Cardinal Wuerl.  He hopes for "an agreement" whereby the church can "continue to function as we always have, as a free entity freely exercising our ministry in our country".  Of course we can wonder just what kind of "ministry" His Eminence speaks of, when non-church-affiliated businesses are forced to comply with immoral laws on pain of their own harm.

Let me be frank.  This is mealy-mouth talk on the part of Cardinal Wuerl (and I suspect Cardinal Dolan as well).  They need to stand firm and not look for "agreements" with evil - "agreements" that will impel them to look the other way while private citizens and businesses are having draconian evils thrust in their faces.  The bishops wear red for a reason - to remind them that they must be prepared to shed martyrs' blood.

By the way - does part of this "agreement" include the USCCB acting like lap-dog mouth pieces for the blatant gun-grabbing by the Obama cartel?  From this action alert, it would seem so!  Perhaps some of the Minions Most Mindless of the Messiah Most Miserable headquarter themselves at 3211 4th Street NE.


  1. Regarding Wuerl, what else would you expect from a man who refuses to implement Canon 915 in his own archdiocese...and who has yet to be reprimanded by the pope?

    Wuerl is nothing but a worthless careerist. So is Dolan. So is Chaput. So is Mahony. I don't care who's "liberal" and who's "conservative." Those terms mean nothing when personal ambition is the guiding force.

    And the pope does nothing. Nothing! NOTHING!!

  2. maybe the problem is the Pope.
    or, if not, maybe there isn't a problem

    1. I'm not sure of your perspective when you say that either "the problem is the Pope" or "maybe there's no problem". Of course there's a problem with feckless bishops - or, bishops who are too eager to cozy up to worldly powers-that-be. Such, I regret to say, seems to be the case with Cardinal Wuerl. While he gave that wimpy reply to the question of standing up to the HHS mandate, he was all too quick to comply with the gay-rights-crowd demands for the removal of Father Guarnizo when the latter actually upheld Canon 915 in the archdiocese of Washington. As despicable as his actions were at that time, no one can gainsay that they were very decisive.

  3. Unfortunately for both Cardinal's Dolan and Werurl that both seek popularity rather than the gospel and will probably fold if and when the HHS mandate kicks in.


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