Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Catholic Relief Services Funding Pro-Abortionists In Mexico

In yesterday's post, I linked to an excellent article penned by Christopher Manion that outlined (among other things) the Holy Father's expectations regarding Catholic charitable institutions.  Three that come to mind are: Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities.  The alert individual will note that all three fall abysmally short of the standards set forth by the Magisterium for the conduct of Catholic charity.  Note, too, that the first two entities operate completely under the auspices of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Manion's points seem to be underscored by today's article from LifeSite News.  Apparently Catholic Relief Services is funding a number of pro-abortion organizations in Mexico.  I've written a number of times about the less-than-stellar activities of the Catholic Relief Services.

Sometimes the Church's worst enemies can be found within her structures.  When that happens, the only remedy, besides prayer, is to starve the tumors.  That means to cut off any and all donations to Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities.

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  1. Ever since Catholic Charities decided to compromise their mission statement by accepting huge ( I mean millions) dollars from the feds, I figure they really aren't in *need* of my money so I don't give. As for CCHD they lost my trust along with my money over that Accorn fiasco. That leaves the CRS which here I learn are funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico. From here on for them? Nada! When that second collection basket comes around in my church I will be staring straight ahead. Sorry if that makes me a miser. I am giving up funding anything but local charities where I can actually see the good they do.It seems most in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity, the church's position on these issues.


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