Wednesday, February 27, 2013

John Carr To Write For America Rag

Remember John Carr, the recently-retired head of USCCB's Dept of Justice, Peace and Human Development?  That link on his name takes you to posts that highlight his progressive connections and insidious influences.  He's slated to soon befoul Catholic University.

He's extending more progressive entanglements as he has accepted a position with "America" magazine as its Washington correspondent.  You might all recall that one of Pope Benedict's first actions was to purge America of its editor, Fr Thomas Reese, S.J. - you know, the Jesuit who recently opined that "Contraception is a lot cheaper than live births, especially if the live births are problematic."

Actually, this seems rather appropriate - the "marriage made in he_________".  You fill in the blank as you deem appropriate.

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