Friday, February 8, 2013

Carhart Et Al Killed A Woman In Germantown MD

The death occurred yesterday, February 7th.  The 29-yr-old woman had been sighted going in and out of the abortion mill during the early part of this week as she proceeded to allow her 32-week baby to be murdered.  When her family finally took her to a real medical facility, Leroy Carhart was nowhere to be found.  Sadly the woman succumbed to her brutally-sustained injuries, hemorrhaging into her own abdominal cavity.

This is not the first maternal death in which Leroy Carhart has been implicated.  Operation Rescue has much of Carhart's sordid history on record.  Here's a youtube clip of how another Carhart facility conducted a 911 call occasioned by a botched abortion; note how the 911 dispatcher is almost pulling teeth trying to get the details needed to properly instruct the rescue team.   The same Operation Rescue tried to alert the Maryland Board of Physicians of the frauds and inaccuracies that peppered Carhart's application for a Maryland medical license.  I understand that the Board placed a reprimand in Carhart's file - as they awarded to him his license to kill.  A reprimand - nothing more than a token "rap on the knuckles"!  This death is now on their desks and I truly hope that they'll now take much more seriously their responsibilities to the public.  For their past lackadaisical attitude towards the threat that Carhart obviously posed to women, the Maryland Physician's Board has moral culpability in this woman's death - not to mention the thousands of babies that Carhart murdered at the Germantown Reproductive Health Services.

The video below is of the press conference that took place today near the Germantown abortion mill.  On Monday, there will be a memorial service along with another press conference to announce further details regarding this case.  With the prayers, I hope that there is prayer for the repentance of the woman's family.  I was baffled not to hear such prayers in the video as there were prayers for their solace.  There can be no solace without repentance for their part in the deaths of both the baby and his/her mother.

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  1. I bet the 1st lady will not attend the funeral.


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