Thursday, February 14, 2013

Carhart Instructed Patients To Avoid ER

Operation Rescue reports that in 2007, then Kansas governor Kathleen Sebelius hosted a party for George Tiller and several of his associates - including Leroy Carhart.  A photo of Carhart and Sebelius together can be seen on OR's web page.  Because of Sebelius's conduct during the investigation of Christin Gilbert's death, there is reasonable cause for concern that Sebelius might use her influential position to hinder any real investigation into the death of Jennifer Morbelli in Germantown.

Jill Stanek and others report that the Maryland AG's Environmental Crimes Unit is (finally) taking seriously the illegal dumping done by the Carhart cartel.  I myself wrote about that last July.  On Jill's blog are pictures of patient instructions that are distributed by his office.  In the middle of the first blue piece of paper you'll note that the patient who is experiencing distress is directed "not to go to the ER" but to call the staff.  Well, if someone's bleeding to death (as was Jennifer), what was "the staff" to do?  Remember - Carhart does not have hospital privileges in Maryland.  Now why, oh why, do you think that Carhart wanted no one to go to the ER?  Let me spell it out for the self-deluded who are reading this:  it's because he didn't want his bumbling incompetence to come to the attention of medical authorities.

It's reasonable to suppose that the Morbellis were given these instructions.  Did they try to comply with them?  If so, they wasted valuable time.  Perhaps Jennifer would have survived had she immediately sought competent medical treatment.

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