Monday, February 25, 2013

Petition For Revocation Of Licenses Of Carhart And Germantown Death Center

Below is a link to a petition initiated by Defend Life for the revoke the Maryland license of Leroy Carhart and to suspend the license of Germantown Reproductive Health Services, Inc.  It is addressed to both the Maryland Board of Physicians and Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.  Please sign this now and pass word of this to your pro-life contacts.  They do not have to be Maryland residents to sign it.  Thank you.

Also, please call the comments line of Shady Grove Hospital at 240-826-6920 and insist that they file a formal complaint with the Maryland Board of Physicians to expose Carhart's gross callousness and incompetence.  You may well get a greeting that disavows any responsibility and states that Carhart is not affiliated with the hospital.  While that may be true, they still have a professional responsibility to alert proper authorities of malpractice evidence as it is presented to them.  It certainly was so presented on February 7th. Keep calling until you are at least able to leave a message.

See for other needed steps to take.  And above all, pray to Our Lord this Lent.

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