Monday, February 18, 2013

Father Guarnizo On The Killing Of Jennifer Morbelli

Father Marcel Guarnizo of the Archdiocese of Moscow (who was stationed at St John Neumann until last year) has written a piece on the latest publicized killing committed by Leroy Carhart.  Notice that I said "publicized killing"; the unpublicized killings continue to this day.  While it's not correct to call the death of Jennifer Morbelli a "murder" (for her death was not intended), the death of Madison Morbelli most certainly was a murder, as have been the deaths of over 1,300 babies since Carhart cast his foul shadow over Maryland.

Father's piece is entitled "The Heroes of Sundance", in reference to the pro-abortion propaganda movie that lionized Leroy Carhart and three other baby-killers.  Please read it and pass it along.


  1. I suspect that boy is going to be a saint someday.

  2. Is there any information about how Father Guarnizo's case is going in Rome? I've been praying daily for him.


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