Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Lenten Carbon Fast Is Back - With A New Name!

It keeps coming up like a bad penny, usually on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday.  This time, though, there's a bit of a name-change.  It's now the (drum roll and trumpets, please!)

Lenten Caring for Creation Calendar

This appeared in my parish's bulletin today - on green paper of course (must stay on that green theme!).  They even have the audacity to glom off the "Year of Faith" designation for 2013.  Some of the usual politically correct drivel includes:

  • (Feb 18) Running clothes washer on "cold/cold" settings (in other words, don't worry about getting clothes clean and disinfected)
  • (Feb 21) Skip the "energy intensive" dry cycle with your dishwasher (but be prepared to share more germs since the dry cycle is the real sterilizer)
  • (March 7) check your car's tire pressure (a pearl of wisdom borrowed from Obama himself)
Of course, peppered throughout this thing (March 12, 21, 24) are solicitation to glom onto environmentalism with a faux-katholyc veneer via the "katholyc climate covenant", etc. 

It's bad enough that this bulletin insert was itself an abysmal waste of paper, green paper dye and ink.  What's even worse is that it couches an anti-life philosophy in "catholic-sounding" language.

I would suggest that one and all do some reading on Agenda 21, for this "Caring for Creation Calendar" is not much more than a segue into acceptance of this new-age, progressive attempt by the United Nations to seize control of our very lives.  Please see:
There are many other, of course.  I myself have written quite a bit about global warming, citing many excellent sources in so doing.  In particular, I point you to this expose done by Michael Voris; please watch the video.  It is worth the investment in time.

Getting back to Lent that is starting on Ash Wednesday, forget the "caring for creation" tripe.  Focus on real healing and restoration.  Go to Mass more frequently.  Go to Confession (many parishes are offering additional Confession times).  Attend the Stations of the Cross.  Participate in your local 40 Days for Life efforts.  And yes, educate yourselves on Agenda 21 and the other nefarious aspects of the progressive agenda and then alert others to them.  The "caring for creation" stuff is actually quite insidious.

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