Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Maryland Abortionist On Probation

A long-time abortionist in Maryland, Abolghassem-M Gohari, who slaughters babies in both Greenbelt (PG County) and Gaithersburg (Montgomery County) has recently been put on probation by the Maryland Board of Physicians.  Go to the bottom right-hand corner of the prochoice providers website (noting some others in Maryland's Rogues' Gallery as you scroll down).  You'll see a picture of him, the addresses of his killing dens and a link to the MD Board of Physicians license-lookup page.  When you get there, put his last name in and another page will pop up with a notation of his probation and a link to the pdf that contains the particulars of the disciplinary action.  I'd suggest that you save a copy to your own computers.

It seems that he allowed unqualified staff assistants to perform sonograms and administer the RU-486 drugs. When some of his victims had the good sense to be frightened of these practices, he yelled at them while using profane language.  Why this man only got probation and not revocation of his license I'll never know, as his murderous practices are manifesting themselves to the women as well as to the babies.  Such is the corruption in Maryland government; I am pleased that at least this much is starting to be done.  It's a start, not the finish.  We need to clean house in Maryland, both in Annapolis and at the county level.

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