Saturday, June 22, 2013

Alinskyianism In DC Parishes

First let me set the stage.  On June 21st, my Catholic Media Coalition colleague Stephanie Block wrote an expose on how Alinskyianism was to be introduced into the average parish.  A group called "Catholic Truth in Education" published some letters decades ago regarding their own findings about a strategy orient parish offices towards "social action" and "community organizing".  Apparently one of the steps to be undertaken by these "change agents" was to implement "outcome-based education" - that is, the manipulation of students' values and behaviors.  The Obama administration is attempting the same exact thing through the Common Core project.

Today I attended Mass at Blessed Sacrament and picked up their bulletin from last weekend.  On page 6 we see "News from the Washington Interfaith Network" - WIN for short.  WIN is the local affiliate for the Industrial Areas Foundation, founded by Saul Alinsky himself (with Msgr Jack Egan being a board member).  I've written much about WIN and other Alinskyian organizations that have infested ADW parishes for a while now.  The Blessed Sacrament bulletin column invites the parishioners to get involved with WIN.  How about getting involved with working to end abortion?  Even the bishops recognize (at least on paper) that the murder of babies is the premier social concern of the day - now only if they'd walk the walk along with talking the talk.

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