Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pelosi Sticks Both Feet In Mouth - Again!

She and Joe Biden must be competing for the title of "pro-abortion CINO politician who can make the biggest fool of him/herself".  Today during a press conference, she fudged her way around some questions regarding the proposed ban on abortion after 20 weeks.  She proceeds to say:
  • "They are saying there is no abortion" (after the 1-minute mark).  No, the bill is meant to prohibit abortion after 20 weeks   Regardless of what one thinks of the 20-week demarcation, we all can see that she is misrepresenting the bill, probably deliberately so.
  • She claims to be a "practicing Catholic" as she shills for baby-killing.  In other words, she says she's a "practicing Catholic" while she advocates the opposite of Catholic practice.
  • She refuses to explain her reasoning, claiming it's "sacred ground" to her.
I can see where Pelosi comes from, with that "sacred ground" quip.  After all, to someone whose "god" is money and/or power, abortion might well be their "sacred cow".  There certainly is an abundance of blood money at the disposal of these abortionists, and they will dole it out to the politicians to keep them in their pockets.

Poor Nancy!  When Pendergraft's mill was dismantled today, she must have seen it as a profanation of her "sacred ground"!  Below is the video of Pelosi making a fool of herself.

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