Thursday, June 6, 2013

Would The ACLU Have Grinded Their Axe For FDR?

In South Carolina, a graduating valedictorian prepared to give his address.  His speech was thoroughly "sanitized" by the politically-correct thought police.  When the moment came, he ripped up the pre-approved screed and led the attendees in the Lord's Prayer.  In this article (that contains video) we read that the ACLU is going to seek information about religious activities.

Today is the 69th anniversary of the D-Day Invasion by Allied forces during World War II.  President Roosevelt's announcement of that invasion is below.  In all fairness, I must warn ACLU types, rabid atheists and other politically-correct hacks that there are (dare I say this?) prayers to Almighty God contained therein!   Eeek. Eeek.  You've been warned!


  1. I dont think they would have, as at that point the ACLU was more concerned with the communistic scare and what it entailed. Basically anyone that was not a christian was said to be a communist and you could get thrown out of the organization for something like that. I think to compare the ACLU of today against the ACLU during WW2 is not really rational.

    1. The point is this: had FDR given this speech within the past few years, the ACLU would be having hissy-snits, demanding all sorts of punishments for daring to pray.

      I think you understand that point. You're trying to distract from it. Not working - nice try, though!!


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