Monday, June 10, 2013

IRS Tells Pro-Life Group To Keep Your Faith To Yourself

Both Lifenews and Lifesite News have pieces about this, to which I link (please click their links for substantiating documentation).  They both have the audio of the interview in question.  This agent Sherry Wan is clearly overstepping her bounds when she tells the pro-life group not to exercise their First Amendment rights.  Her arrogance is breathtaking.

Alliance Defending Freedom worked with Pro-Life Revolution and helped them to secure their non-profit status.  I don't know if action will be taken against the IRS and Ms Wan, but both are liable.  Now before some jump in and say that Wan was "simply doing her job" or "obeying orders", perhaps you should think again and remember a bit of history.  I refer to the Nuremberg Trials that happened right after World War II.  There Nazi soldiers and other operatives were tried for "crimes against humanity", most notably against Jews and other prisoners.  Many of the accused tried the "I was only following orders" line, only to be reminded that they were sentient human beings who should have known better than to obey inherently immoral orders.

Such is the case with IRS agents today (I might add DHS, TSA, NSA officials, as well as public school officials and other law-enforcement personnel).  I strongly suspect that as a government officer, Ms. Wan had to sign some sort of agreement that she would uphold the United States Constitution.  Perhaps she even had to take an oath to that effect.  At any rate, she made mincemeat of any adherence to the Constitution.  She and others should be tossed out of their cushy jobs on their cabooses.

In fact, the whole IRS should be abolished quickly and unceremoniously.


  1. Ms. Wan should spend some time in a federal jail.

    1. Agreed. The whole lot violated their oaths or at the very least, professional ethics.


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