Saturday, June 15, 2013

From The "Our Tax-Dollars At Work" Department

The Obamas are going on yet another vacation (surprise!), this time to Africa.  There will be a scintilla of "official business" conducted.  That said, there is now "justification" (ahem!) for sticking us, the taxpayers/suckers, with the tab.  And how much is that tab?  Why, it's a mere $60-100 million dollars!  That's all!  Jobs are being lost and our taxes are going up, but what the heck?  We are here to serve the wants and needs of the Messiah Most Miserable and assorted Minions Most Mindless!  After all, they have to transport 14 limousines, 56 support vehicles, an off-shore naval hospital, you know - all the things any regular family would bring on a junket abroad - again, with our tax dollars!

So much for judicious use of our federal tax-dollars.  However, we Marylanders get an additional treat, for Martin O'Malley is going on his own little junket, and I believe we poor slobs have the immense (dis)honor of picking up that tab vis-a-vis our Maryland taxes.  Oh, joy!!  This little frolic "trade and investment mission" will take him and his wife to Ireland and France.

Now understand that O'Malley has his sights set on the White House.  He has done all in his power to drag Maryland down the primrose path of progressivism: gay marriage, abortion-coddling, dream act, taxation to the whazoo.  Of course "drag" may not be the proper verb, since much of Maryland (Baltimore and the DC suburbs) is infested with liberalism (as evidenced by six MD school children being bullied over imagined "gun infractions").  He wants to show the Democrat puppet-masters (Soros et al) that he's a good little puppet that can deliver.  Perhaps in light of all of Obama's lavish vacations, he wants to show that he too can be profligate with taxpayers' dollars.  Granted he's not taking over a bunch of limos, but he's only a lowly governor - for now.  Wanna bet that (God forbid) he ever goes to the White House that he'll arrange lavish little trips for his family, on the dime of the US citizens?

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  1. When I first heard about Obama's 100 million dollar vacation to Africa, my first thought was, "Oh, maybe it is only for a one way ticket." It may be a way for him to escape prison in the US.


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