Monday, June 3, 2013

Kiddie-Gun Paranoia Worsens

This latest has occurred in Nebraska, and this time the little would-be terrorist is 3 years old.  He's totally deaf and has to sign his name.  However, his school doesn't like his name-sign, the one taught to him by his parents from day one.  Apparently the ninnies who run that school think it looks too much like a gun so they want him to change his name-sign.  His parents are standing up to the real bullies and have made this national news.  You can see the interview here.

Here's some common-sense education for those who think they're qualified to teach our children.  Now read carefully, boys and girls (or whatever gender you call yourselves)!  Here are some basic facts.
  • Human fingers are not firearms.
  • Pop-Tarts and other breakfast pastries are not firearms.
  • Little children saying "pow, pow" is not a deadly weapon being discharged.
  • Hello Kitty bubble blowers are not firearms.
  • The little toy soldier plastic guns, no bigger than an adult fingernail, are not firearms.
  • A drawing of a gun is not an actual gun.
And now, dear children (that is, the overgrown brats who inhabit the NEA and chapters, school administrations and school boards), do we understand these basic facts of reality?  You probably do, but are ever so zealous to brainwash and traumatize our children into being obedient and docile sheeple who are always beholden to the statists and progressives.

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