Friday, June 14, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius - "Third Graders May As Well Drop Out"

What is with these pro-abortion katholyc politicians?  Truly they are Obama's Minions Most Mindless.  Kathleen Sebelius (you know, the Tiller-Carhart fan who turned her back on that 10-year old girl a few weeks ago) is telling the country that children who don't get pre-kindergarten education "may as well drop out by third grade".  She let loose with that stinker while shilling for the Messiah Most Miserable's proposed $75 billion effort to increase pre-kindergarten education.

According to the Messiah Most Miserable, just when would this "education" ideally start?  At birth - that's right!  Birth!  That last link comes right from the White House (third paragraph).  So does the brainwashing education begin before or after the umbilical cord is cut?  May we safely assume that those who fall prey to Gosnellian scissors are among those who "may as well drop out" anyway?

May I humbly offer some modest suggestions to improve education in these United States?
  • Abolish the Department of Education; that would greatly aid in eradicating the poison of humanism from curricula.
  • Remove the National Education Association and all local chapters from schools.
  • Fire all teachers and officials who wax ballistic over the mere talk of guns, and who inflict real bullying on children for biting pastries into gun-shapes.
  • Throw Common Core into the trash where it belongs.
  • Teach real language skills: reading, grammar, spelling, composition - and in English
  • The above list is by no means exhaustive.
Of course, if you can home-school, please do so.  Kathleen Sebelius, who has spent much of her early career running interference for various abortionists and baby-killers has absolutely no credibility whatsoever to suggest that parents surrender their children to the brainwashing machinations of an increasingly fascist government.

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