Sunday, June 9, 2013

Coming To A Public School Near You?

It's called Common Core.  Ostensibly a benign effort to "normalize" educational standards, it's nothing more than the Department of Education trying to brainwash the hapless children in public schools.  I'd like to point out that I studied secondary education at the University of Maryland and even then the department was overrun by progressive fans of John Dewey.  I can only imagine it's worse now.

If you think I'm just spouting "right-wing hysteria", you can keep your heads buried in the sand.  Otherwise, you may wish to review this video by concerned parents and citizens from Utah.  Apparently the curriculum for "language arts" is identical to the curriculum for "left-wing community-organizing"; and it starts in first grade.

By the way - if you live in Indiana, please thank Governor Pence for putting the brakes on this mess.  The Federal government has no Constitutional authority to meddle in education; that is the rightful purview of parents.

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