Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mainstream Catholic Media - Aiding And Abetting The Culture Of Death

In today's Vortex, Michael Voris touches upon a key reason why this blog and its sister website were created - to do the job that the Catholic Standard refused to do, and still refuses to do.  We originally sought to put Catholics in the MD/DC area (meaning the Archdiocese of Washington, Archdiocese of Baltimore and Diocese of Wilmington) in touch with realistic information regarding the Church and the culture at large.  We still have that goal while realizing that we can serve the larger Church as well.

Voris is spot-on as he describes the "careerism" that has infected the minds of so many "officials" in various Church enterprises, including the media.  I congratulate him for naming names in the second half of the presentation.  I will say a word about EWTN, but solely in Mother Angelica's defense.  It has only been after her illness and subsequent infirmity that EWTN went "squishy" on us all; pray for Mother as this must pain her greatly.

Of course I'd add to the list the Catholic Standard and the paper sponsored by the Catholic Business Network called Our Parish Times.  The latter is a paper that originated maybe ten years ago.  At one time it did deal with some hard issues honestly, mostly through one columnist.  For reasons that I can only imagine, that columnist no longer appears, and now the Times joins the Standard in featuring happy little photo-ops and maybe some pieces approved by USCCB or other such organs.  For an excellent "case in point", recall the situation with Father Marcel Guarnizo at St John Neumann during Lent 2012.  You saw it on this blog.  You saw it in the Washington Post and other secular outfits.  It was in fact international news.  However, neither the Catholic Standard nor Our Parish Times uttered one peep on the matter.  Such silence on the part of supposed journalists was downright dishonest.

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