Friday, June 28, 2013

Being Nice Is Destroying The Church And Damning Souls To Hell

Below I'll present two video clips.  Watch/listen to them and the common themes of their messages will become obvious.  In the first one (yesterday's Vortex), Michael Voris details how good priests are being persecuted by their higher ups (meaning bishops) for preaching the truth and offending dissenting "katholycs" who happen to toss lots of cash in the collection basket.  Voris is in Rome at the moment.  One wonders if he heard of the plight of Father Marcel Guarnizo, for said persecution is precisely what happened to him at my own parish a year ago this past Lent.  Father Guarnizo was heaved under the bus because he refused Holy Communion to openly practicing lesbians.  Kowtowing to the noisy gay community of the DC area, the chancery heaved Father under the bus.  Father is also in Rome at this time.

My fellow lay Catholics, listen closely to what Voris says, starting at 5:36.  We are at liberty to speak, even if it ruffles feathers in our respective chanceries.  We are not vowed to silence and anyone who insinuates otherwise is either misinformed of the rights of the laity or is downright dishonest in any attempt to shut us up.  CLEAR??

The second video is a clip from a homily given by Msgr Charles Pope almost two years ago.  He illustrates the contrast between being "nice" versus being authentically holy.  The word "nice" is a word one will never find in the Bible.  Some folks confuse the words "nice" and "kind".  They are not synonyms.  In fact, they can be antonyms.

From Mother Angelica: "If you're not a thorn in someone's side, you're not doing Christianity right."

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