Thursday, June 6, 2013

Two Catholic Profiles In Courage

A few days ago, Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield IL debated dissident faux-nun and New Ways dabbler Sr Jeannine Gramick on the topic of so-called "gay marriage".  The event was entitled "Two Catholic Views on Marriage".  Right off the bat, Bishop Paprocki corrected that misnomer, stating quite clearly that there is only one authentically Catholic view of marriage - which also happens to be the only authentic view of marriage.  He also stated that his late secretary, Mary Stachowicz, was murdered by a gay activist 11 years ago for daring to suggest that he change his lifestyle.  He contrasted the media's silence about her murder in comparison with that of Matthew Shepherd who was murdered at around the same time.  I remember those incidents and recall noticing the disparity of media attention regarding those two crimes.  Please follow this LifesiteNews link for a complete text of the bishop's remarks.  Kudos to Bishop Paprocki for speaking plain truth to the face of political correctness.

Mark Birk plays the center position for the Baltimore Ravens.  He went with them to the Super Bowl.  He's also a Catholic and pro-life activist.  Most of the Ravens attended an audience with President Obama.  He opted not to join them, owing to Obama's support of Planned Parenthood and of the murder of babies.  That might make a football fan out of me yet!

It's nice to have some good news for a change!


  1. (1) If there is only one authentically Catholic view of marriage, then why are there two official representatives of the Catholic Church, Sr. Gramick & Bishop Paprocki, on a platform taking two opposing views in a debate sponsored by another official representative (Jesuits (the Pope's order)) of the Catholic Church? I wonder if you realizing how damning this post is to the Catholic Church that you would consider it "good news" that a bishop would publicly debate Church teaching--with Catholics--simply because he is publicly stating church teaching instead of publicly dissenting the way Church cardinals and bishops usually do! Unfortunately, talk is cheap and means nothing when it isn't backed w/action. Paprocki isn't the pope. If what he said were true, Gramick (and above ref cardinals & bishops as well as many priests, religious, orders and universities) would not be entitled to represent the Catholic Church and this event would never have taken place.

    "Jeannine Gramick, S.L., (born 1942) is a Roman Catholic religious sister"

    (2) What is the difference?

    1. A religious sister does not have the ecclesiastic authority of a bishop. Moreover, Sr Jeanine Gramick has been admonished by many - including Cardinal Wuerl - not to carry on in her supposed "ministry". That she does so simply makes her disobedient, not an "official representative". Bishop Paprocki was simply there to make clear the teaching of the Magisterium. It sounds like he did so brilliantly.

  2. A little more information about the Matthew Shepard case. Most know the story of Matthew’s Shepard’s gruesome death from MSM where the motive given for his murder was solely because he was gay. This gave rise to national awareness and helped move forward hate crimes legislation.

    In 2004, however, the prosecutor of the two murderers stated,”The real story is not what it seems.”

    In November of 2004, Elizabeth Vargas of ABC 20/20 news magazine, in an effort to uncover the truth of what actually happened, made a credible report that sorted out many lesser known facts on the case. The findings point to murder, but not because the victim was targeted for being gay: this was not a ‘hate crime’ as defined, as many believe.

    Vargas reported among other things that “Shepard was murdered by McKinney and Henderson, not because of an anti-gay sentiment, but because McKinney was high on methamphetamines, giving him unusual violent tendencies as well a need for more cash” and “the prosecutor never believed it was a hate crime . . . he believe(d) it was a drug crime.”

    Matthew Sheppard’s murder was a grave crime and the perpetrators have been punished, receiving two consecutive life sentences. The entire news report, “New Details Emerge in Matthew Shepard Murder” ABC News, November 26, 2004, can be found online.

    The true facts about why he was murdered should be more widely available and better known. The logical conclusions about this case, then, will speak for themselves.


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